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It has a light citrus and floral feel. The aroma is found on the way up Ladeira da Sé to Academia Santa Gertrudes, still descending through the Monastery of São Francisco and some alleys influenced by Horto d'El Rey.

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In the city, this aroma is only felt in the early morning, from approximately 6:00 am to 8:00 am. Time of highest intensity of ultraviolet light at sea, rising breeze and flowers from the sites.

It is the day stored in barrels of Amburana.

The aroma is found only at dusk, on the descent from Ladeira da Misericórdia to the Mercado da Ribeira, descending a little between the transversal alleys

Typical late afternoon aroma in this area. On humid and hot days it is more noticeable. Umburana was a wood used in the expansion phase in the city in the colonial period.

It is stored in oak barrels.


The aroma is found in the night and dawn around the Olinda City Hall, descending through the Church of São Pedro and São Bento.

The aroma is typical of the Pau Brasil and Carvalho das Naus Portuguesas trees, used in the buildings that started the city, before the expansion phase.


Cachaça branca especial.

As it is produced, DIA rests for at least 30 days in Freijó barrels.

Freijó, gives astringent substances. Regulates acidity in aromatic esters and levels the alcohol content.

Rest for another 30 days in stainless steel tank

Armazenada em tonéis de Amburana.

Before AFTERNOON is stored in AMBURANA vats, at least 30 days are rested in Freijó vats and 30 days in stainless steel tanks. It is produced from a specific fraction of the DIA.

Stored in barrels of Amburana, it reduces the acidity of cachaça and regulates the alcoholic content. In addition to exclusive characteristics.


The drink receives a light yellow color and a sweet aroma, very floral and persistent.

Armazenada em tonéis de carvalho.

Before NIGHT is stored in oak barrels, at least 30 days are rested in Freijó barrels and 30 days in stainless steel tanks. It is produced from a specific fraction of the DIA.

Stored in European oak barrels. Add color and typical perfumed and sweet almond personality. Light toasted profile.


These characteristics make it an excellent combination with cigars, enhancing aromas of nuts, toasted chestnuts, chocolate and coffee.

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